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10k & 14k Solid Gold

Our solid gold pieces are made in Toronto by hand using refined gold. Our solid gold has been purified through a refining process that removes impurities and alloys to ensure that each individual piece is made from only the finest, purest materials.

10 and 14 karat gold are comprised of a mixture of alloys and pure gold. While 24 karat is pure gold that has no other alloys mixed in, 10k is a mixture with 10 parts pure gold and 14 parts alloys, and 14k is 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloys. 

Care InstructionsSolid gold can withstand showering, sleeping, and working out while wearing. To maintain your solid gold pieces, gently buff using a microfibre cloth or mild, detergent-free dish soap and a gentle cloth. 

Gold Vermeil

Our gold vermeil is different from regular gold plating. Our vermeil pieces are made from a thick layer of pure 24k gold over sterling silver.

Care Instructions: To ensure your pieces have a long lifespan, avoid exposing them to sweat and water. To clean, buff gently with a dry cloth.  

Sterling Silver

Our sterling silver pieces are nickel and cadmium free, anti-tarnish, and hypoallergenic. Most of our sterling silver pieces are plated in rhodium, one of the world's most valuable precious metals, which gives them that shiny and bright look.  

Care InstructionsTo prevent oxidization of your sterling silver pieces, avoid exposure to moisture. Your pieces will look better the more you wear them. Store sterling silver jewelry in the box when not wearing to keep your pieces from oxidizing. 

Important Notes

- Our dainty rings and chains are likely to get caught on things during everyday wear, so please handle with care and remove before doing anything strenuous

- For pieces containing gemstones and pearls, avoid exposure to water, chemicals, and prolonged sunlight 

- When storing your jewelry, keep your pieces in their boxes to prevent scratching

- Avoid applying lotions, sprays, and perfumes while wearing your jewelry

- Keep your Judy Necklace and Jenna Herringbone necklaces flat when storing to avoid kinks