About Us

Meet Abbie Yermus and Emily Freeman, the cousin duo behind Shop Emie.

We both graduated from Western University's media program and have a background in media, fashion, public relations, and advertising. With a shared passion for fine jewelry, we decided to build a brand that fills the gaps we found in the industry: with an emphasis on quality over quantity, Shop Emie was born. 

At Shop Emie, we prioritize quality in everything we do. This means that each of our pieces is made from precious metals and genuine stones-nothing synthetic, lab created, or mass produced. Our products are made solely from sterling silver and gold, even our plated pieces. 

From designing to advertising and photography, we seriously do it all. As a two women team, we work very closely with our manufacturer, carver, mould maker and setter to make every single piece, and are involved in the design process every step of the way.

As a small Canadian business, each of our pieces is made locally and every individual who touches them is treated and paid well and fairly. While this makes our pieces more costly, this is extremely important to us. As a result, we have less waste, beautiful handcrafted pieces, and we can truly put love into every single item we make. 


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